Inclusive & progressive research catering to all quarters of society, based on state-of-the-art scientific processes & technologies is the cornerstone in promoting evidence informed health care. Trained and motivated HumanResources is extremely vital in this mission. coGuide academy endeavours to create such an army of skilled and passionate researchers.

coGuide Research Webinars (CREW)

Aimed at enriching learning experience by bringing together expertise from across the globe to the doorstep of budding scientists. An army of scientists with a global vision and up to date acquaintance with global trends will be the soul any research echo system.

coGuide Practical Research Lessons (CPRL)

Aimed at creating an army of skilled researchers at different levels, who can shoulder the responsibility of generating quality and trustworthy scientific evidence, which is relevant and culturally appropriate to local populace.

coGuide Certificate Programme (CCP)

Standardization of the skills and scientific processes and raising the bar to the global standard is highly essential in improving the quality of scientific research. CCP is aimed at infusing quality standards into research echo systems across the globe.

coGuide Panel discussion (CPD)

Aimed at providing a critical expert views on various aspects of research. CPDs enable participants to have a quick peek into the emerging trends in the global research ecosystem. They may completely transform the way you approach your career, practice and more so research.