Research Enablement and Productivity Platform
NcoGuide’s integrated solution is enabled with all the critical functionalities needed for completion of a research project. Designed by Life cycle approach, they cater to all stages of a research project life cycle. They are easy to use, scientifically robust and embedded with micro capsulated learning..
Naturally transform from dependant researcher to self-reliant researcher.. experience the real joy of doing research..
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Access to support team is just a click away while using the coGuide application. Just let our team know your requirements, you will be connected to right expert to solve your problem

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Our expert team consists of three level experts with technical, statistical and research expertise.

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Each Interaction with our expert team will be a great learning experience and make you progress towards becoming a self-reliant researchers

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All the members of our expert team are trained and certified by an intense & comprehensive internal process. They are adept at quickly understand your needs and provide most practical solutions possible in a given situation.

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Sometimes  finding right solution to a situation needs more than hard-core statistical/ technical knowledge. With vast experience of dealing with a variety of situations, coGuide team is unparalleled in it’s problem solving ability.