“Research output” is the most vital parameter for the accreditation & ranking of academic institutions with a weightage 20% to 30%. coGuide’s Research Management System (RMS) aimed at “Research Process Optimization (RPO)”. With centralized research project flow, tracking each project from ideation to publication and unique multilevel process indicators, it enables the administrators to make the data informed decisions.

Know who is contributing, what decisions are working, what are the bottlenecks and optimize research process …

How to get started

Create and manage committees

Managing the institutional scientific committee and Institutional Ethical Committee (IEC), including scheduling the meetings, managing the submissions, review and approvals can often be very cumbersome.. but if leveraged can be used a great way to manage research process

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One time Creation of committee

Creating a committee in coGuide is a simple one time process. Once created all sorts of activities of committee can be managed easily by highly automated process.

Schedule meetings

Scheduling the committee meetings, communication with the members of the committee about the schedule, invitation of proposal submissions ..everything is manged by highly automated process

Submission as you work

All researchers can submit the proposal along their project journey from coGuide ..


Avoid all the tedious paperwork, cost of printing and submissions, chaos in managing the research proposals .