Research Enablement and Productivity Platform
NcoGuide’s integrated solution is enabled with all the critical functionalities needed for completion of a research project. Designed by Life cycle approach, they cater to all stages of a research project life cycle. They are easy to use, scientifically robust and embedded with micro capsulated learning..
Naturally transform from dependant researcher to self-reliant researcher.. experience the real joy of doing research..
How to get started

Data capture tool

Create mobile friendly, customized electronic data entry forms for your study by just pic & drop ..create electronic data on the go

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Pic drop

All you need to do is pic and drop relevant variables to create an easy to use mobile friendly data entry template.

Predesigned variable pool

Domain/ speciality wise variable pool crated by expert researchers of the domain, arranged in a logical sequence in which you actually collect the data. No other tool has this functionality in-built. Super added search functionality makes it easier to find relevant variables for your project.

Have quality data

With inbuilt variable structuring and  data validation rules, the data entered in coGuide is clean, high quality and ready to analyse..

Enter data with ease

use any device including mobile phone/ tab or laptop to enter the data as you collect

Avoid effort duplication

Forget collecting the data in paper based form, enter gain into a electronic spread sheet, losing some data, juggling through forms…all this is too tedious, with no  value addition.