“Research output” is the most vital parameter for the accreditation & ranking of academic institutions with a weightage 20% to 30%. coGuide’s Research Management System (RMS) aimed at “Research Process Optimization (RPO)”. With centralized research project flow, tracking each project from ideation to publication and unique multilevel process indicators, it enables the administrators to make the data informed decisions.

Know who is contributing, what decisions are working, what are the bottlenecks and optimize research process …

How to get started

Process dashboard

While chasing the research output, organizations often tend to hyper-focus on the results, with minimal investment in processes. This leads to ``ad-hoc interventions`` resulting in waste of vital resources, more importantly time... and opportunity cost of setting up efficient systems in place.

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Balanced & Process centric approach

with RMS the focus is is more balanced both on processes and outputs.

Key process metrics

Smart process metrics designed by coGuide will aid in better understanding the research process. Also, composite indicators linking resources (manpower, equipment etc) with processes will provide key efficiency indicators.

Multi-level indicators

Disaggregation of all the key indicators by department, person and time will aid in data informed review of the performance at various levels. It also facilitates managers at department, component institutional and overall organizational level to understand and manage research at their level efficiently.

Comparative analysis

Comparative analysis with better performing institutions can aid in understanding the pattern of successful/ not so successful interventions and fine-tune your processes.

Research process Optimization (RPO)

Get more for what you are spending, scale up efficiently, eliminate dependencies on few smart performers….move towards a well-oiled machine ..