Research Enablement and Productivity Platform
NcoGuide’s integrated solution is enabled with all the critical functionalities needed for completion of a research project. Designed by Life cycle approach, they cater to all stages of a research project life cycle. They are easy to use, scientifically robust and embedded with micro capsulated learning..
Naturally transform from dependant researcher to self-reliant researcher.. experience the real joy of doing research..
How to get started

Real time data analysis

Get real time analysis as you enter data. Easily configure the analysis ready for review anytime.

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Real time analysis

Enjoy the luxury of real time analysis, as you enter each record. Be always “review-ready”.. avoid multiple payments for each round of analysis..

Configure new variables

It’s very easy to group and configure new variables from the raw-data

Set-up dummy tables well in advance

No need to wait till you complete data entry. Setting up dummy tables and graphs based on your research question is all the more easy with coGuide.

Summary statistics @ single click

Comprehensive Summary statistics of all your variables in a single click 

Anyone can configure analysis

Configuring analysis in coGuide doesn’t require the user to be familiar with all the statistical jargon, all you need to know

Clean & ready to use tables

Clean output from coGuide makes life easy for the researcher. Save massive amount of time usually spent in understanding and cleaning the output from popular statical tools.