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Sample size calculation is the most critical component of your research  from logistic, scientific and ethical aspects. Get the most comprehensive, ready to use sample size output in 4 to 5 simple steps by answering simple questions about your research

Researcher centric:

Unlike jargon centric” approach of popular tools, coGuide’s unique user interface captures simple information about your research project in a logical flow to provide you sample size for your research study.

Study design specific:

User also get the right study design, while calculating sample size, which no other tool provides.

Ready to use output:

coGuide provides the most comprehensive output with  formula, values and  sources of information. The output can be used directly in research methodology section with minimal tweaking

No dependencies:

A researcher can calculate sample size on their own without dependency on statistician.

Blended with learning:

Quick video snippets in the product navigation imparts highly focused conceptual learning as you execute  you project.

You are never alone:

Three level expert team to guide you on any technicalities of sample size calculation is just a click away.